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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Filthy, Raunchy, Raw: Pt. 2

Remember my blog about Brian Viveros back in August? If you don't, go check the little insert. This 2007 painting, "DirtyLand III" is so bad ass, I just love it... The painting tagged back into the game when I finally saw Ri-Ris new music video, "Hard."

In the video, Ri-Ri kept her mood real rude with style. She was armed to the teeth and topped with a mickey mouse helmet which I found viciously appealing. The fact that there is a resemblance between the "Dirty land III" painting and Ri-Ri's outfit holds my attention indubitably. To me, this is simply another display of iconic fashion and a work of art that in fact... does "go hard."

And on a final note, for those of you who were wondering: The Mickey Mouse Helmet is a product of Jeremy Scott's 2007 collection, "Right to Bear Arms."

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