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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Made With Love by Lovers

Y'all know that I love illustrations by Rik Lee and if you tell me the same, I think we have some type of special connection. 

What you may not know is...
Rik Lee and his super cute other half, Regina Octavia, let us have a taste of their independent clothing line coming soon.

 Made with love by lovers

It is the Bee's Knees & is absolutely PERFECT.
Launching October 1st. 


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Wear It, But NOT to Please Someone

Wear it to please yourself. Wear it to be yourself.

"This is where creativity comes to life, along with a sense of pride that's based on who you are – not what you own." - The Team at A.S. 98.


A.S. 98 is 100% correct and absolutely amazing.

 Creativity comes to life based on YOUR sense of pride in who YOU are...   

It has been a while since I had the chance to get back to Shugarshug's Leader of the Pack, I do my own Dance blog. The busy season of work came last year and failed to slow down. 

We have to remember to appreciate our Summer days and perfect nights that come and go so quickly.
 This summer in particular was beautiful with the most perfect weather.  Wisconsin was filled with sun shining bright days and amazingly 'not to hot and not to cold' neutral temperature. It was hardly humid, it barely rained and was perfect to wear whatever spring, summer, fall clothes, shoes and boots you wanted.

 A.S. 98 could not be any more fitting to be first listed as FALL2015 approaches.

 ROMBO 738303 101
 ROLL 753201 202
 MOVE 751203 401
 BERCY 709207 101
 BERCY 709211 102
 CORN 718202 101

 NOVA 719208 102
 BERCY 709204 201
CORN 718305 101
 POKET 727203 103