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Monday, December 21, 2009

A Kind Rewind

Going back to the dorm rooms when I was in college, I remember I went out and bought these crazy speakers... So loud, so bumpin, so amazing. We would play Rahzel all the time. I would have my roomie run up the stairs and still be able to hear it 3 floors above. It was the shit, I loved it and you could feel it. My neighbors and everyone in that hall acted like they were mad at me but I knew they secretly liked it.
When summer time rolled around, there were about 100 people out in the court yard below my room. We would put those speakers up in the window and bump Wu-Tang and Marvin Gaye. I remember for a bit some guys tried to top me by puttin out their own speakers with there bunk ass music... Fellas didn't have it though and I continued with peace.
Getting written up for the enjoyment of my music is a beautiful memory of mine; a kind rewind.

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