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Sunday, December 15, 2013

I Got a Funky-Funky Style

Dear Santa,
 Please bring more of this kind of hip hop back into the world. Oh... Excuse me, I know it's there and everywhere but I am talking about bringing this particular kind of music into the spot light. My Tanya Morgan and Little Brother albums are wearing and although not tiring I could use a little change.  A remodeled shift. Yes, even Method Man Raps " Got too many less than impressive rappers left in my path - Better yet, we gon' leave 'em left in the past -Someone slides, this time I ride, you get left in the back- Who am I? I'm a titan so be expecting a clash "  I'm pretty sure that means that many of the mainstream rappers today really fucking suck.
I will forever leave you extra milk and cookies. 
With love, XO  -Shug

Monday, December 2, 2013

Attention Great Gift Givers!!!!!

Need a gift?
The Urban Smith Necklace Cards are the shit.

Super contemporary and dashingly swanky. Get with it and make your mark on the world.
 Start conversations with the simplicty of a word your wearing.
Make your statement; tell what your about, who your about, what you love, who you love, what your passion is.
 Feel empowered and proud by the story wrapped around you.
Give one of these wicked cards to your Mother, Sister, Lover or Friend helping top off the esquisite bitchin self a la mode.
Educate yourself on The Urban Smith.

Find your Fit.

Friday, November 15, 2013

You Cant Notice Whats Around You...

When you hear Ms. Wolfe's voice. Chelsea Wolfe always seem to drowned out everthing else that is going on around you. 

Above is her two new songs.
 I love it.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Pinky Swear?

Gaze at it in these amazing circle shades featuring a tortoise frame and "Cross My Heart Hope To Die, Stick A Needle In My Eye" in gold detailing around the frames.
Pinky swear sunglasses?
Nope. I cant get sick of em.
Do you swear? Pinky swear?

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Because Love isnt Blind...

 Intimates Boutique would not even be on a list to look over until now; But...
...The Bandage High Waisted Garter in Black...
The piece reminds me of the Bordelle Classic Waspie or bonafide, unquestionably impressive Bondage Classic Waspie which obviously not one compares too...
I am all about any type of constructive and conceptual lingerie.
Agent Provocateur, La Perla,  Nichole de Carle, Myla, etc...The list could go on when it comes to lingerie with perfect architectural design but when I envision one company that is so undoubtedly unique with a innovative perspective; I give credit to 'Bordelle'.
Bordelle launched in 2009 at Selfridges where they sold out their premier bodywear collection within the first 24. In 2010, I was raving about the cutting-edge appeal on 'Leader of the Pack' with the labels 2011 Summer designs. This year, 2013 I am still bragging about them. I cannot help but showboat the true artistry of  Bordelle that 'toys with the theme of Seduction and domination.'
The Angela Dress
  The Bondage Angela Dress
 The Voyeur Angela Dress
The Webbed Suspender
 The Valinia Body
The Gallardia Body 
The Voyeur Harness

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Monday, October 21, 2013

Why I Cant Sleep at Night....

Really, the only thing I care about in the present moment. I need NOW.
 One of my favorite looks for the Gentleman this fall.

This line is like a keen scholar and intellectual outdoors man. I see so many different modes of living in Staple's Fall 2013. This is not the first time I have seen a concept like this, but let me tell ya, I am not mad at it at all...
A different brands approach is just making sure you are not shamelessly deprived of any fashion sense.  You can look at it like a cultivated pattern... History always repeats itself as well as any trends. So, for all those who think Staple is  another brand like 10deep(brass knuckles) or Babe(Monkey) and others.... Remember to not associate yourself with the whole brand but rather choose what fits and caters to your original style and self. You don't follow trends silly, you pick and choose what you like along the way and set them.

When you see a pigeon do you think Staple?

"Blending a number of sensibilities into one diverse range" -Arthur Bray of Hypebeast states in the past, which I believe cant be put any better..."  Great description and a good read. 

You haven't had enough. Go check em out...

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dolls Kill Want to Hook You Up....

30% of all Lip Service there....Helping you out for Halloween. I just love the description for these sassfits...
Lip Service X-Rayed Dress is one ghoulishly sexy outfit for the macabre obsessed. This is a seXXXy skin tight hooded dress with open shoulders thats glows in the dark and comes with garter leggings. A white skull is printed on the hood, the body has printed a torso and hips of a skeleton body that all glow in the dark, perfect for raves n’ parties. Everyone is gonna be wishin' they could see right through yer dress, once they see you in this wicked lil number.

Lip Service Pyramid Scheme Dress is a sexy lil’ dress that will show what you've had buried under wraps for hundreds of years. This tight bodycon mummy dress has stretch, featuring a v neckline, and shoulder shrug with attached bandages that hang down, unraveling an ancient mystery of the Nile. Don't worry though, we'll keep mum about all the dirty deeds yer gonna do in this piece!

Lip Service Voodoo Doll Costume don’t be caught dead in last years costume, get cursed in this dress! This twisted Voodoo Doll Costume features a dress that's made to look smudged and decorated with black stitches and a heart with skull-tipped pins stuck in it. A black wristband comes with your very own mini voodoo doll pal on a chain to take with you on yer dark adventure.

Lip Service Dying to Score Jacket will have you coming back for more brains! Looks like you just fought yer way out of the grave, cuz of all the distressing and dirty treatments done all over. Comes with contrasting sleeves, snap button front, and a squishy eyeball oozing blood from Cyclops High. It will have you looking your undead best for picture day. Won't be hard to score big in this look!
Lip Service Miss Cyanide Costume is the perfect outfit for raves n’ parties for all our cyber goth babesz. Features include a sheer sexy black and green dress with toxic symbols, tulle micro mini skirt, with black and green furry leg warmers, and hair ribbons cause baby don’t you know that yerr toxic? You’ll slay the costume competition looking like cyanide, living dead inside.
Lip Service I'm A Mouse Costume, wait what are you? I’m a mouse duh!! Don’t be scary this year, make it cute with this hood/suspender combo in a fun fuzzy faux fur with cute pink hearts on yer ears, comes with mittens that have little paw and faux fur trim.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Dear Jaime N Commons,

You make me weak in my knees.
 You could talk to me all day everyday; I wouldnt mind at all.
Until you find me....
Yours Truly,


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ohhhhhh Dang.

 Oooooo UNIF just squashed my Y.R.U Bloq's. 
Last week I said, "Damn, Fall is almost here and Winter is trying to race it." Really, it is so sad that I am thinking about Jack Frost.  Already I have been dreading the ice cold weather and the slick slippery roads. Though the days are getting shorter, the dark is coming earlier and you cant get warm enough when you get out of the hot shower, the two seasons making up half of the year make it the best time for boots.
My Y.R.U. bloqs have taking a beating and I was gonna get a new pair of the Bloq Ski Hi's or Control's.  Then, I thought about taking a different route with some kind of Demonic's or Buffalo classics like had in high school.  Pshh, lets be real, I had no clue what I was in the mood, until now...  UNIF Trench's.
 This is what I been craving.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Fellas, Trying To Get Your Grown Man On?

Synonymous brings you the Caspa Runner.
What is really seems to be is a boat and runner mash up sneaker. A unique shoe with a nice pair of chinos and button down and I'd say you look grown.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Girls! What Are Your Plans This Summer??

Its getting warmer and warmer and you need to get a new suit.
 Last summer I told you about  the Eagles Shadow Bikini by One Teaspoon but its still one hot commodity as the sun keeps shinning outside.
My favorite item this year is Chromat's Pentagram swimsuit. This is soooo smoking. I just love it.
 And always Chromat serves me so well....
and I can never get enough...
 Similar styles like Herve Leger Swimwear really gets me. This Ivey suit is on pre-order right now on the Herve Leger site.
And to keep it easy, another one I love would be Mandalynns Arabella Bikini exclusively for Nasty Gal.
Summa Summa Summa Time.....