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Monday, April 27, 2015

Looks Like I am Going to Take Out My Bedazzler.

There are so many amazing details
 about these embelleshed Ashish shorts.
They are unique.
They Sparkle.
They remind me of the top my friend Franzo
 made... Just.For. Me.
Either I will have to send him some shorts and ask for help...

Or I will learn how to sew better. 
Ultimately, They make me happy.
-Ashish -
In which, I love very much - 
 might have to compete with my future skills.

Let it be said for the record; Ashish and friends - I can not compete with this more than perfect Varsity Jacket.

"Sorry Your Look Basic - For the Working Girl"
Jazz it up @ Farfetch

I Said, "Ooooooo, Laaa-La"

I Said, "Ooooooo, Laaa- La."

Balenciaga designed these two-tone sandals with a super slim wedge heel and a thick elastic overlay for more color and texture contrast and support. 
Pale Blush Leather - Yah, I Think So.