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Monday, May 27, 2013

Fellas, Trying To Get Your Grown Man On?

Synonymous brings you the Caspa Runner.
What is really seems to be is a boat and runner mash up sneaker. A unique shoe with a nice pair of chinos and button down and I'd say you look grown.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Girls! What Are Your Plans This Summer??

Its getting warmer and warmer and you need to get a new suit.
 Last summer I told you about  the Eagles Shadow Bikini by One Teaspoon but its still one hot commodity as the sun keeps shinning outside.
My favorite item this year is Chromat's Pentagram swimsuit. This is soooo smoking. I just love it.
 And always Chromat serves me so well....
and I can never get enough...
 Similar styles like Herve Leger Swimwear really gets me. This Ivey suit is on pre-order right now on the Herve Leger site.
And to keep it easy, another one I love would be Mandalynns Arabella Bikini exclusively for Nasty Gal.
Summa Summa Summa Time.....

Monday, May 20, 2013

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Pictures Do Not Do Justice.

 I received a gift from my friend Franz in the mail a few days ago. It is the most wonderful gift. The pictures are dark and a little blurred not giving this Cesar Arellanes vest much justice.
The piece is very beautiful and quite stunning. It is perfectly form fitted as if it was tailored to my exact body shape.  I am so in love. The seems are lined and reinforced which gives off such a clean and crisp look. The materials used most of natural fibers make the weight a little heavy which I always think is the best.
Cesar Arellanes never skimping on quality... I wish I could show you guys  in person. The contrast of materials, and details are out of this world making this Cesar Arellanes piece stand the test of time. Thank you so very much Franz! XOXOX

Friday, May 17, 2013

You Wanna be Wanna be like Mike

Im diggin the 10 Deep Bebop Sleeveless Buttondown Shirt Karmaloop just put up. 
You should get some... The camo printed  and denim washed buttondown might even be essential. The sleeveless style is cool and casual with a sincere downtown vibe.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Can I get a Sugar Daddy???

I just died.
The siren song of the Jeffrey Campbell and MissKL exclusive shoe is ringing loud and clear. The Lilith Shoe is finally here and these babies are not for the for the faint of heart. This super strappy platform style is as edgy as footwear gets.
I  need to hurry.
I could just pre-order these JC Lilth shoes for myself but it would be much more fun to receive these as a gift. I'll hold off on my order for a week; That gives you a chance to make me really happy.
I would love you long time...
Have your card out? Click here I'm a size 7.

United We Strike Chaps

Gentleman in need of new spring caps....
The classic black 5-panel with a pop of tan leather. FAZE embossed leather patch on the front and back strap. It's all in the details! This item is from "United We Strike" collection.

Bigger and Better

Oh the power of Now...
Move on.

Pirate Vs Ninja...

Pirate Vs Ninja Kikkerland Corn Scewers.....
Of course Im a Chloe Bruce fan so Ninjas always win.

Um.... Yes Please

Meyers Light up sneakers....
Take it back to the future in these super rad black patent sneakers featuring lucite panels and a clear rubber sole that lights up! Lace-up front, perforated detailing. Looks awesome with a tank dress and circle shades!
 Jeffrey Campbell, oh how you never steer me wrong.