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Sunday, December 15, 2013

I Got a Funky-Funky Style

Dear Santa,
 Please bring more of this kind of hip hop back into the world. Oh... Excuse me, I know it's there and everywhere but I am talking about bringing this particular kind of music into the spot light. My Tanya Morgan and Little Brother albums are wearing and although not tiring I could use a little change.  A remodeled shift. Yes, even Method Man Raps " Got too many less than impressive rappers left in my path - Better yet, we gon' leave 'em left in the past -Someone slides, this time I ride, you get left in the back- Who am I? I'm a titan so be expecting a clash "  I'm pretty sure that means that many of the mainstream rappers today really fucking suck.
I will forever leave you extra milk and cookies. 
With love, XO  -Shug

Monday, December 2, 2013

Attention Great Gift Givers!!!!!

Need a gift?
The Urban Smith Necklace Cards are the shit.

Super contemporary and dashingly swanky. Get with it and make your mark on the world.
 Start conversations with the simplicty of a word your wearing.
Make your statement; tell what your about, who your about, what you love, who you love, what your passion is.
 Feel empowered and proud by the story wrapped around you.
Give one of these wicked cards to your Mother, Sister, Lover or Friend helping top off the esquisite bitchin self a la mode.
Educate yourself on The Urban Smith.

Find your Fit.