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Monday, November 3, 2014

My Feelings for STAMPD Are True...


Truly True.
Focusing on quality and minimalism.
Stampd has one of the most slick collections out there.
Clean and fresh pressed.

Foil Tattered Hoodies, Tunics, and Cropped Tops

Two years ago I said, "I would never get over shreds, slashes, and holes in clothing. "
(Well, as long as its done right...) 
Two years ago, I also had a foiled sweater. 

-Funny, I find myself here in this moment-

 Adding a hood, crop top and tunic length, extra long sleeves, and thumb-holes to that equation - 
Me oh my....
Joan of Arc Foil Crop Tattered Hoodie  


Templar Foil Tattered Hoodie

The End...

Available at Widow and Dolls Kill.