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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hidden Treasures and Kept Secrets

UNIF Namesake Pack may be top in my favor.

* Wearing and carrying your baggage in the best way possible *

It can hold all your  hidden treasures and keep all your secrets.
This pack is super versatile with an over-sized metal D-ring handle and a removable strap that zips to be carried on your back or across your body.

This pack is going places. Are you?

Hidden Treasures and Kept Secrets.

iPhones have the better Cases...

When are they going to for the Galaxy 5?

It never gets old.

Solestruck x Y.R.U. - Would you?

Last year Y.R.U. x Soletruck released a smoking slipper full of class with my favorite word embroidered across the top. This beautiful creation was called the Lowf Fuq - Fuck Loaf.

If the Lowf Fuq was not enough for you...
Well, shit, now it is reconstructed as rubberized slip-on making it even more wearable than your other sneakers.

I am 100% happy with this.
Is it fucked if I wear these when I don't wear my UNIF's Fucked Forever shoes?


 Chillllllll.... Fuck.