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Sunday, March 30, 2014


Were you  wondering what took me so long to get some new sneakers? Don't worry...I was too.
This whole time Alexander McQueen was just hiding from me. For the past couple months I had a 'lack of interest' feeling that was driving me nuts. I felt as though no sneakers appealed to me. It was like a kid in a candy store after already breaking into the 'after dinner, if you do you homework' stash.
Feeling unsatisfied and unamused; I thought something was wrong with me. I was on a treasure hunt without the clues. Then it clicked. I realized that all along I was waiting for the goods to get good.
"PUMA by Alexander McQueen Tabaka in Black was inspired by the soccer culture. 'Silhouettes are stolen from the pitch. Colors are swiped from the players' backs. Styles are made for lads and ladies who root for the home team and break all the rules. The Tabaka is a women's-specific evolution of the iconic PUMA Suede with a platform midsole for a little extra height.' Suede upper, hidden platform, front lace up, leather eyebrow, gold metallic 'Alexander McQueen' lettering along tongue, and gold metallic 'Alexander McQueen' lettering along side tabs." -Akira
 How exciting does that sound?


Sunday, March 23, 2014

In the Business of Minding My Own Business

For those of you that do not know, I just got back from New York  earlier this week. I was traveling for work and it was worth it. Two week prior I was in Nashville so I ended up making my NY stay shorter than planned.
I will be going back sooner than I thought to continue what I had left in NY. ;)

So Saturday night, we met up with John Swan (a buddy and his friends) after his comedy show. I didn't know exactly where we were headed but was ready to go with the flow and really down for anything.
About 5 minutes into walking, I saw an add reminding me of my dear friend Franz. I had to stop to take a photo for him.

Displaying IMAG3008-1-1.jpg
  Without mentioning I was going to stop, I took a step to the right  and was hidden by the wall of the building. The guys I was with were confused and worried as I suddenly vanished  not knowing that particular part of the building  had a wall that came out further than the rest. Though they were moving forward, it was important to me to take a few moments to appreciate this window. After quietly taking it all in, I jumped back on track with the group as I text Franz the picture.

I was strolling along side one of Mr. Swans friends who had asked why I stopped to take a photo.  The question led us into a conversation about creative advertisements and displays. Right on topic and conveniently, we walked past American Apparel and this was the window looked like....

American Apparel Ads Now With More Bush

The group that I was with was shocked and everyone was verbal when passing this add.  As a guy turned to me and asked... Does this add offend you!?*silence* Hmmm, let me  think..... um no, not at all.  -confused on why it would-

American apparel is known for their provocative advertisements. This is nothing new. Remember the article on Buzzfeed with the 28 raciest American Apparel Ads? Everyone is always up in arms about advertising standards with this brand. Yes, I get it, some think it is just plain inappropriate while others think it disrespectful  and in bad as taste.

I can go left and right with this. Some advertisements I have seen have left a slight sting as others leave a form of empowerment. American Apparel brings us real women, brings us natural women in all sizes and shapes. I suppose that is why I was not surprised to see this window.
American Apparel knows how to advertise. Give it another day before you make your final decision of hating these particular adds and this window display.
Of course American Apparel would not put this out there without scrutinizing every angle. You know they put this under a microscope and dissects it to have the right answer.

It was said that American Apparel did this window display to invite people passing by to explore the idea of what is "sexy" and consider their comfort with the natural female form.
 That sounds the same as the ads trying to avoid many of the photoshopped and airbrush standards of the industry doesn't it?

I once heard any advertisement is good advertisement. I do believe this. American Apparel definitely got the public talking didn't they.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sick of Winter?

Me too.
Lets take a look at Lee and Lani's collection to warm us up for summer.
They have a pre sale going on right now and I think its just the right medicine and take the edge off.
Here are a my favorite picks.

 The Amalfi
The Amalfi

The Amalfi

The Amalfi


Mesh tankini with geometric mesh cut-outs, high-waisted bottoms with mesh geometric cut-outs.
The Ipanema

The Ipanema


Balconette Choker One-Piece with Rouching Details 

The Sorrento
The Sorrento

The Sorrento


long-sleeve tankini with sheer mesh back and sleeves, low-rise bottom with mesh contrast on sides 

The Ibiza


 sexy multi string thong bottom paired with The Belize top
The RioThe Rio

The Rio


tri-strap push-up bustier top with detachable straps, tri-strap cut-out bottom 


The Monte Carlo


Signature under wire pushup bustier top with pin tuck detailing and detachable shoulder pads paired with a signature high rise bottom with pintuck detailing and a fold over option to make it low rise.
The Rio One Piece
Turn up the heat this summer with the Rio One Piece by LEE + LANI. This sultry and sleek one piece features front and side mesh panels, as well as a cutout at the back. When you rock this, there'll be no question who the HBIC at the beach is.