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Monday, September 17, 2012

Feeling Electric

Pretty F-ing RAD.

Wrapped in faux leather, Fujifilm XF1 is a simpler alternative to vintage-styled digital cameras in the market. Only 1.2-inches in thickness, its sleek aluminum accents contrasting faux leather in tan, black and red, first gets your attention.
Also equipped with a full manual mode, the XF1 might be minimalistic in design but has a 12 megapixel CMOS sensor, retractable Fujinon 25mm wide angle F1.8 lens and is able to record full HD movies.
The Fujifilm XF1 is priced at an estimated USD$499.95 for a release in October this year.

Quilt and Spikes

 When you thought that Jeffrey Campbell Litas could not get any better... They just did. Quilt and spikes, additional shoes besides Litas....10 points. You win.


Well it is week four and I am not back to work yet from surgery but I am attempting to draw as much as I can... I have been up late nights and early mornings trying to get back to everyone emailing me and if I have not gotten back to you yet, I will... I promise.I have started a drawing a week for the Milwaukee Tattoo Circuit where two words are submitted by artist and picked at random by Jessica Wagner. It is very exciting to see all the different styled media which is very inspiring and helps keep me motivated.