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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Im About to Back Supreme...

Supreme has just released their  2012 fall/winter lookbook.
I have been hearing and seeing alot of negative feedback  on this release and completely disagree.
 I wanted let you know where I stand...This collection has greatly stood out to me  on so many different levels. Its is strong, it is classic, and it is fitted for the mature.  This collection was very well executed and Jason Dill was the perfect suit packing lots of substance. Supreme's 2012 fall/winter collection brought us high-quality, wide ranging outterwear and finished apparel with contrasting strong prints and patterns. They featured collaborations with Schott and Champion while staying grounded with their usual  flannel button-downs and pullover hoodies. Over all, this Collection is for the dapper gentleman. Once again screaming out that Supreme, is indeed well rounded and the 2012 fall/winter collection is more than just vintage with better cuts.

Available online August 30th at