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Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Pictures Do Not Do Justice.

 I received a gift from my friend Franz in the mail a few days ago. It is the most wonderful gift. The pictures are dark and a little blurred not giving this Cesar Arellanes vest much justice.
The piece is very beautiful and quite stunning. It is perfectly form fitted as if it was tailored to my exact body shape.  I am so in love. The seems are lined and reinforced which gives off such a clean and crisp look. The materials used most of natural fibers make the weight a little heavy which I always think is the best.
Cesar Arellanes never skimping on quality... I wish I could show you guys  in person. The contrast of materials, and details are out of this world making this Cesar Arellanes piece stand the test of time. Thank you so very much Franz! XOXOX