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Monday, October 21, 2013

Why I Cant Sleep at Night....

Really, the only thing I care about in the present moment. I need NOW.
 One of my favorite looks for the Gentleman this fall.

This line is like a keen scholar and intellectual outdoors man. I see so many different modes of living in Staple's Fall 2013. This is not the first time I have seen a concept like this, but let me tell ya, I am not mad at it at all...
A different brands approach is just making sure you are not shamelessly deprived of any fashion sense.  You can look at it like a cultivated pattern... History always repeats itself as well as any trends. So, for all those who think Staple is  another brand like 10deep(brass knuckles) or Babe(Monkey) and others.... Remember to not associate yourself with the whole brand but rather choose what fits and caters to your original style and self. You don't follow trends silly, you pick and choose what you like along the way and set them.

When you see a pigeon do you think Staple?

"Blending a number of sensibilities into one diverse range" -Arthur Bray of Hypebeast states in the past, which I believe cant be put any better..."  Great description and a good read. 

You haven't had enough. Go check em out...