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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dolls Kill Want to Hook You Up....

30% of all Lip Service there....Helping you out for Halloween. I just love the description for these sassfits...
Lip Service X-Rayed Dress is one ghoulishly sexy outfit for the macabre obsessed. This is a seXXXy skin tight hooded dress with open shoulders thats glows in the dark and comes with garter leggings. A white skull is printed on the hood, the body has printed a torso and hips of a skeleton body that all glow in the dark, perfect for raves n’ parties. Everyone is gonna be wishin' they could see right through yer dress, once they see you in this wicked lil number.

Lip Service Pyramid Scheme Dress is a sexy lil’ dress that will show what you've had buried under wraps for hundreds of years. This tight bodycon mummy dress has stretch, featuring a v neckline, and shoulder shrug with attached bandages that hang down, unraveling an ancient mystery of the Nile. Don't worry though, we'll keep mum about all the dirty deeds yer gonna do in this piece!

Lip Service Voodoo Doll Costume don’t be caught dead in last years costume, get cursed in this dress! This twisted Voodoo Doll Costume features a dress that's made to look smudged and decorated with black stitches and a heart with skull-tipped pins stuck in it. A black wristband comes with your very own mini voodoo doll pal on a chain to take with you on yer dark adventure.

Lip Service Dying to Score Jacket will have you coming back for more brains! Looks like you just fought yer way out of the grave, cuz of all the distressing and dirty treatments done all over. Comes with contrasting sleeves, snap button front, and a squishy eyeball oozing blood from Cyclops High. It will have you looking your undead best for picture day. Won't be hard to score big in this look!
Lip Service Miss Cyanide Costume is the perfect outfit for raves n’ parties for all our cyber goth babesz. Features include a sheer sexy black and green dress with toxic symbols, tulle micro mini skirt, with black and green furry leg warmers, and hair ribbons cause baby don’t you know that yerr toxic? You’ll slay the costume competition looking like cyanide, living dead inside.
Lip Service I'm A Mouse Costume, wait what are you? I’m a mouse duh!! Don’t be scary this year, make it cute with this hood/suspender combo in a fun fuzzy faux fur with cute pink hearts on yer ears, comes with mittens that have little paw and faux fur trim.

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  1. I want that voodoo doll costume with the red tulle underneath - do u have it in stock?? NO ONE does :( can you contact me? I'll buy it from you - 415-686-2992 :) thanks my name is Kim :)