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Saturday, July 19, 2014

HeartBroken Heroine

We all know how much I adore Lykke Li- So I don't have to tell how much I like this song... What we do have to talk about is this video...
Without hesitation I had pressed play to view Lykke Li's single "Gunshot"  from her third album
 I Never Learn.

"Gunshot" reflects on the kind of pain that remains from results of love.The video was filmed in a Paris parking lot that is literally ripped down the middle. I would say that refers to a broken heart;
Where ones feelings are not just hurt but permanently damaged.
The video color is washed out as Lykke Li's zombie/mime character gracefully convulses through the parking lot rejecting all the people around her.
 Tripping on her own feet, "she navigates the dismal wasteland filled with bikers, booty-bouncers, hooligan children, weight-lifters and couch potatoes." - Joe Lynch of Billboard News
 All though this song may seem to have more of a dark edge than others, it notably has an air of deep beauty. 

Anyone else love the clash of the conflicting twerkers?
  "Gunshot" spells out the bewitching flip side of the so called dance move by interpreting the trend as severe emotional detachment.

Remember to vogue not twerk ladies...
XO- Shug