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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bellevue Suite Goes Hard

I worked all day, then I worked all night. By the time I got out of the shop at 11pm I decided to give somone a little jingle. Ryan and I went to see Bellevue Suite. For those of you that love alternative rock, well... you missed out.
Bellevue Suite... Hmm... describing them, I would have to say a mix between hard rock and a little grunge for sure. Some songs start out with a little more classic headbanging metal with a smooth transition back into the bands own style. The drummer Barry Jager goes hard topping off the night with his own solo set at the end which was beautifully insane. It was incredible!One of my favorite parts of the night was when Bellevue rocked out to a Britney Spears song, "Hit Me Baby One More Time." Shit was ill to say the least.
Ryan and I jammed out through the night. When the show was over, I realized I was loosing my voice. That's when you know it was a great show.
As we went to the bar to get one last drink I looked to my right and was standing by a very pretty woman who had to top 6.3ft. Rockin my sneakers that night, made her look like a giant next to me... in her defense... me a dwarf. haha We got a good laugh about the difference as Ryan trying not to be obvious was taking pictures that dont do its justice. Shitsssss funny. All in all, Saturday night was super fun. Sorry you werent there, suckas.

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  1. that is one goofy look, no wonder Stephen Dorff dumpped you.