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Monday, November 30, 2009

Bookies, Highrollers and Freakin Swashbucklers

Imma risk taker, a money maker, and a bitch breaker
I got the wicked cardsharps and fierce crapshooters
I got the fighting dicers and threatening highrollers
I got the cruel backers and dangerous bettors
I got the venomous bookies and exquisite bookmakers
I got the brutal plunger and the stabbing shill
I got the number runners and the skill-full players that kill
I got the charlatan daredevil and the cutthroat entrepreneur
I got the fortune-hunting gambler and the globetrotting tour
I got the heroines, the madcaps and the relentless mercenaries
I got the pirate opportunists and the speculating fairies
I got stylish swashbucklers and the grandstanding swordsman
I got the murderous hot-shots and the bitchin' bones clan
Imma risk taker, a money maker, and a bitch breaker

A couple weekends ago I stopped in at the casino on my way home from the art gallery. It was a Saturday night. Not much of a gambler but more of an entertained people watcher. I regret the fact that I did not introduce myself to the man with silver sneakers, some good lookin jeans, a plain tee shirt and a fierce hair style that was accompanied by two other men which I had crossed paths with... twice. If you know who you are or know who that is, call me...

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