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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Too KOOL or jus jealous...

You know one thing I love about Waukesha is this Mexican Restaurant called Casa Del Rio. It all started when Geo told me about the horchata they got there. Its crazy good. I would stop there about 3 or 4 times a week to get my fix in. As most of you know, I did buy a half gallon one time and couldn't drink it for a while... but im back in the game, yes, back on all the hype.

Another thing I love about that restaurant is the people. The service is amazing and everyone inside is so friendly. I love walking in there and being greeted with a smile and walking out with a handshake. They know who I am there.... They know what I like... The food is amazing. I appreciate the time that Geo and I get to spend at this place. At Casa Del Rio, I sit comfortably enjoying the fantastic atmosphere while KOOLFOOL wishes he could be as KOOL like me.

SO this morning I check out KoolFools blog and this is what he wrote....

What is going on?

Sometime late afternoon, co-Worker Shugar and I would go grab some food before appointments. For second time straight, she had her horchata refilled for free while I just sit there with my half empty glass.

I don't know what to think, I ate there all the time and I had never gotten one free refill, and still haven't.

I think the waitress wants Shugar to be her next daughter in law! She gets gallons of free horchata from this poor love struck guy works there already, maybe that is the son.

Of course, just some rumors I am spreading. ( Well, I am just jealous... ha ha ) ....


This is so great! Another thing that made me smile this morning... Truth is, Geo is pretty damn KOOL. He is full of knowledge and peace. He is a man of wisdom and pretty funny too! Maybe next time they will fill his glass... haha

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  1. yeah, right, I ate there for years and had never gotten a horchata refill. NEVER!