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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Milwaukee: Open Canvas 2009

Last night after work I headed to Buffalo street to attend Open Canvas. Open Canvas is an event that goes on once a year. Bringing more than 80 leading artists together to create paintings in one day is certainly a rush. They artists start around 1 and the doors open to the public at 6. Its a great experience to watch the artist finish up and then place your bids. The auction starts around 9 and all the money goes to MIAD and the Eisner Museum.

Self Portrait, Katie Musolff

I ran into one of the artists, who is a full time painter, Katie Musolff. She used to work at Black Dragon Tattoo and is really one of kind with her sweet personality. Her paintings are beautifully done and she really brings the objects and characters to life.

As the night went on, I watched my brother place bids as women with killer heels and bitch'n clutches stood behind him waiting to rip the marker out of his hands. My favorite part of the evening is when he went to go bid on a painting for my Mom. The painting on the left of the one he was bidding on was the one I didn't care for the most. It was in my opinion, poorly done, as my 2 year old niece could paint better than that. This lady took the marker out of his hand went up to #?? and out bid the previous $100 by $900 more. My brother slowly turned around with his eyes wide open, looked at me and was like "who the fuck is she!" It was all slow motion for this lady just bid 1000 bones on a painting that I would throw away.

One man's garbage is another ones treasure.

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  1. I would totally be there but I have no money. :( Not like Shugar the highroller....