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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Whoah. GooooodNight....

Tokidoki x Karl Lagerfeld.

Simone Legno... Mmhmmm... Boy, you know whats good.

Immortalizing Mr. Lagerfeld to vinyl in which he stands 10 inches tall,  in skinny black suit, rhinestone-studded tie and belt, and don’t-mess-with-me sunglasses – all from his own K Karl Lagerfeld Collection is surely a entertaining and diverting delight. Dropping a little later this month, only 1000 figurines made, set at 265 bones, exclusively at Colette; this collectors item is one to hail.


  1. $265!? Seriously? For real? I am just jealous... NOT!

  2. ugh.... if I could be Karl Lagerfeld for a day I'd probably just die... mostly because I'd have access to any and every chanel piece a girl could EVER want!