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Monday, October 12, 2009

Apparently, I am not a law abiding citizen.

As so he says...

7:26 am this is what I get...
My led foot has got me into trouble before but this is absolutely rediculous.  Driving this morning was dumb dumb dumb. When a cop asked you why you are speeding, you usually want to reply with some kindof good excuse. Maybe along the lines: Well you see I'm late for work and the other employee on was just rushed to the hospital or ... I think im having a child or... something really is wrong at home, I need to get there immidiately or... if you really want to get out of it... talk about some personal issues and you need to get to a restroom asap... haha. And of course all these excuses pop into my head but when a cop asks me why Im speeding... I reply with a blank stare. I got nothing. Not one word but a shake of my head. I see him mean muggin me and my stomach drops. I know this is going to be bad. He grabs my liscense from me and heads back to his car while I sit there waiting to see what the damage is.
About a year ago I had got pulled over in the exact same place. It was bad just like today... My ticket was expensive and my points were high. A lawyer had to write some good words for me to get my points reduced but my insurance still went up. Thats another issue. My insurance company was just talking about how that ticket is dropped soon and the fees are going to be a lot less... Well now that I had to go out and do wrong... I have to pay the price... the price of my ticket, the price of a lawyer to keep my points, and the price of my insurance when it rockets.

Boooooo to my life this morning.

There will be a fundraiser going on and it would be great for you to participate.


  1. Don't you know the cops are out for their own fundraiser too? Two words: Cruise Control :)

    State Farm does not count speeding tickets, perhaps you might need to call my agent Clark in Wales.

  2. how fast were you going? 20 over?

  3. More like 30+ over... We have Dana Patrick here.