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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sweets are a Delicacy that I often Abuse

So I have yet to have a business card out there. At the shop, everyone calls me Sugar or Shug due to the masssive amounts of candy and sweets I consume on a daily basis. When talking about a Tattoo Artists' business card, there was no way I was going to have printed, "Tattoos by Sugar" on fact that it sounds like you will be getting inked by a stripper. That being said, I still wanted to a little something on the card the resembles me in a way and the Boss Lady already took my shoe idea... booooo to that. 
I am constantly matching my nails to my attire and thought it would by cute to match my nails with my character for my business card.
(This is not serious... Sweets are the least of what defines me, but, I thought it would be fun and exulting.)
George had the brilliant idea of tattooing my nails. So, not even 5 minutes after he came up with the idea, I was out and about, buying "sweet nails" ha, to bring back to the shop and start to create. George tattooed the first one. He did that jubilant cupcake, and yes, I do want to eat it. Following Geo's lead  I did a lolipop, a donut, a chocolate chip cookie, some hard candies, a cakeroll, and a fudgsicle and in pursuit, Nancy did a candy cane and the cotton candy. Tattooing acrylic nails was hard, but all in all, it was rollicking, entertaining, and merrymaking. 
 Real talk.
Stayed tuned to see my business card at a later date.

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  1. The cupcake sucks compare to the others... that guy should really learn how to tattoo!