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Friday, September 11, 2009

Ebay: She took my lunch money, just like she stole my bus fare.

In recent times on eBay: Everything is going left cause nothing seems to go right.

Let me tell you.. You know that Madsteeze messenger bag that I have talked about in my previous blog? Well, the unbelievable happened; it was listed on eBay. And guess who had the winning bid... thats right. Hyperactive and thrilled, I couldnt wait to get this bag. Then, the unfortunate happened. Fan-fuckin-tastic. The seller now has said, "shipping was going to cost more...".  Did she not know when she posted the price? We all know that when something is posted you may not change it but living in a nice well mannered household I said ok... let me know the difference. A couple weeks went by and still no response and no bag. Now I really cant stand when my fellow eBayers need to be schooled. It has been weeks and I have been writting to check the status. A dispute has been opened against this shiftless, procrastingating broad who I call "Ms. Remiss."

Bellyache Aggravation #2

One week ago, an alluring piece of clothing was listed. This Married to the Mob top came in valentines colors: red, pink and white. It was bewitching and I had to have it. So... I watched it for 6 days and on the 7th day, the bidding was going to begin. As I open my eyes from the nights well rest, I stretch my arms over my head and thought about being dressed for fall in this sold out top.

After pouring coffee into my cup, I head to the computer to acertain how many hours are left. 6 hours till the drop. Okay, now I dont want  to ruin a good pace as I did with the sneakers, so I am going to wait till the last 10 minutes to declare war. In that time, I took the devils children (my dogs) on a walk, I did a kick boxing video, I made myself breakfast, I cleaned up the house, did some laundry, took a shower, got ready for work, and only three hours had passed. What the shit. Dilatory in going to work, an hour and 30 minutes had lapsed from the time that I told myself  I had to leave. Reality was that I had to get going. 

I arrive at work, where I station myself infront of the computer.  I had 2 hours to go and  I got caught up in a conversation with the guys about some disturbing videos on the internet. Now some customers  had not seen the videos which were spoken of and had asked to share the wealth... With the eBay bidding war slipping from my mind, I pull up the videos. It took about 15 minutes to view and then I had sat back down infront of the computer starring at the screen thinking, "what I am I suppose to be doing.". Like a light switch turned on, I went to my eBay account in record timing to find out that I was 5 minutes late.

Once again... I feel like she stole my bus fare.

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  1. It was not in your karma to get these things, let them go and when the time is right, they will fall into your lap!