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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I Feel Like she Stole my Bus Fare

I have been watching these Married to the Mob x Colette Reebok Freestyles (Only 350 pairs made worldwide) that have been on eBay for 10 days. OK, so the moment I saw them I checked the size. 7.5, a little big, but I can manage a half size up. These sneakers were put on eBay for me. Quickly without thinking, I started to bid the first two days... I was antsy and uncalm. Then under a deep breath I thought to myself, "wait till the last day so these fantastic soles can be mine."
Well, yesterday was the last day of the Married to the Mob x Colette auction and the war began. I upped a dollar, she upped a dollar, I upped a dollar, he upped a dollar. Then out of the corner of my eye I glanced at the clock. It was that time; I already pushed it being late to work, so at 15 minutes left, I put my top bid in. I then, crossed my fingers and packed my things, jumped in my car, and headed to my money maker.
8 hours of the day had passed and not one minute went by where I did not think of those kicks. When the day had come to an end, I rushed home to get on eBay. I rushed so fast to see that these lovely, one of a kind high tops have been bought for 1 dollar more than I had bid. I feel like she stole my bus fare. Mother Fucker.

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