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Friday, August 7, 2009

Horchata: True Life

Milk: I don't drink it unless it is in my cereal or chocolate shake. But what I do love to consume is is some sweet, creamy, Horchata topped with cinnamon. So, almost everyday that I am at the tattoo shop, I get this suffering craving for Horchata. Lucky for me, there is an exquisite Mexican restaurant down the street. As soon as I walk in the door there are three employees that run back and start filling up those cups. I get three horchatas: one for me, one for George and one for Skully.
From the time I leave the restaurant and get back to the tattoo shop my horchata is more than half gone. Seriously, ridiculous. To prevent this from happening, I decided to ask if i could buy a pitcher. I was told I could buy a half gallon. Now they love to give me deals there, cause I am regular customer, so I left with only 9 dollars out of my pocket, three horchatas and a half gallon.
I got back to the tattoo shop where the first cup was already down. This is great I thought to myself, "Ill just go ahead and refill my cup." Second cup down... "This is a beautiful thing, ill just go ahead and refill my cup again...". 2.5 cups down the road, I started feeling a little weak and unwell. I stopped there due to the nauseous effect that had creeped upon me every time I thought of horchata. The half gallon was still pretty full, so I took it back home where I would be able to drink it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner the next day.
I brought that shit home and couldn't even look at it. I was trying to pawn it off on my brothers but had no luck. This half gallon of horchata was not going to be finished. So, there it remained on the bottom shelf of my refrigerator for 6 days.
I opened the Fridge today to see If anything looked tempting and saw this lonely, un-gulped half gallon of horchata. Still, thinking about how I drank way to much in one sitting only a week ago, I grabbed the gallon and put it on the table. I went to get a glass, sat down, slid the lid off the container, and inhaled what had the be the most corrupt, corroded stench possible. 7 in the morning and I was not ready for this gruesome matter. I will not be explaining what had happened next but I will tell you that I am no longer drinking horchata.
Point of the story, some times you are better off not buying in mass quantity. Take something so good as a privilege and be rewarded. Don't indulge often, for you will no longer be satisfied with what was once a delicacy.

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