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Monday, April 28, 2014

Baby Making Music

The  other day I was looking on a fellow fashion bloggers site and stumbled across this 'Spooky Black' link. I clicked on it not knowing what I was going to get.... Unexpected and caught off guard, my heart dropped as the chills raced up and down my arms.  I got that warm feeling in my stomach, the butterflies, the achy knees, the smirk I couldn't wipe off on my face. I felt it.
"Forest Sounds" was the first song I had listened to. It was breath taking and as soon as I heard the voice with the music, I felt calm and pieced together.
When it comes to  music I am always looking for more.
 There is that music that my friends like and when I hear it I think to myself how is this even possible to become popular. The more I listen to it, the more it grows on me and I start to like it. Then there are those songs that are good but nothing special. You'll listen to it because it is music and it starts or ends your day. And then, there are those songs that make you feel a certain type of way.
"Without You" - Seriously though...
The songs that can make you feel like everything is going right. The songs that make you feel that no matter how bad your day is its going to be ok.  The songs that you can close your eyes and think of nothing else.  You feel every drop of blood that pumps through your heart. You feel warmth and light.  Its crazy and frustrating to me how euphoric some music can be and amazing how it challenges your attitude with confusing yet comforting and peaceful vibes.

How Fucking Refreshing.
 Conversations about music reoccurred with some people over the past few days. Its really incredible that music can determine your mood. It can make you feel happy, sad, or angry. Music can be and is motivation. It creates a sound track for memories of your past. I remember  the first time I felt that way and this is the way I feel now when I listen to 'Black Silk'.
Get yourself some music baby-making music playa.

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