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Sunday, March 30, 2014


Were you  wondering what took me so long to get some new sneakers? Don't worry...I was too.
This whole time Alexander McQueen was just hiding from me. For the past couple months I had a 'lack of interest' feeling that was driving me nuts. I felt as though no sneakers appealed to me. It was like a kid in a candy store after already breaking into the 'after dinner, if you do you homework' stash.
Feeling unsatisfied and unamused; I thought something was wrong with me. I was on a treasure hunt without the clues. Then it clicked. I realized that all along I was waiting for the goods to get good.
"PUMA by Alexander McQueen Tabaka in Black was inspired by the soccer culture. 'Silhouettes are stolen from the pitch. Colors are swiped from the players' backs. Styles are made for lads and ladies who root for the home team and break all the rules. The Tabaka is a women's-specific evolution of the iconic PUMA Suede with a platform midsole for a little extra height.' Suede upper, hidden platform, front lace up, leather eyebrow, gold metallic 'Alexander McQueen' lettering along tongue, and gold metallic 'Alexander McQueen' lettering along side tabs." -Akira
 How exciting does that sound?


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