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Friday, April 12, 2013

Clean up Gentleman

Manilo Rustic Brown Pullups
Tompa Olive/Tan Pull up
Gando Black Grey Pullup
Lambo Grey Bushed Wax
Does JackThreads stress anyone else out???
 I'm a fast shopper. Real fast, but there is something about have a time limit on your cart that really gives me anxiety. I was on Jackthreads for both my brothers birthdays. My cart was up to 277$ with a savings of 155$ and I had 2 minutes 34 seconds to make the purchase. But wait... I see some OLIBERTE's on sale. Fuck!
 What do I do?
The computers running slow; taking its damn time. I'm at work so Julian is trying to show me his finished drawing; I didn't even have time to glance. Similar Adds are popping up on the computer; I'm annoyed and aggravated. I have yet to call and activate my new check card...HOLY SHIT. Way too much going on. I take a step back and make the purchase without the damn shoes.
Today, we will do something about that.

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