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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Does This Song Spark Memories For You?

I forgot how much I adore this song! What this song really reminds me of is Kahlee. I reminisce about the times after our shift we would go to Around The Lakes restaurant and down coffee. Its brings me back to the days we spent at her home on the lake and the nights of card games. It also brings to my attention the MAC make-up she had bought me on year along side of listening to Madonna and prince.

(Jennelle,Kahlee, and I way back when)

Last week Kahlee and I had met at The Coffee Vault for a delicious out of this world pumpkin Latte. While we were concluding our visit I ask Kahlee, "Want to go shopping?" She says,"No." "Want to go on a walk?" She says, "Maybe later." Want to go look for a dog?" She says, "Lets go."

And just like that, we were off to Elmbrook Humane Society. Elmbrook is the best. The employees are very nice there and provide you with as much knowledge and information as they can about the animals that interest you. Its is a very clean and friendly environment and the pups seem to enjoy it too.

Moments after we arrive we fill out applications to view the puppies we fell in love with. After all said and done, I left empty handed. Kahlee, on the other hand left with an 8 week old cutie! I'm sooooo happy for her. xoxo

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