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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cant Get Over Cut-Outs


Just like spikes and studs I cant get enough of cut-out and slashed tops and dresses. Back in January Topshop collaborated for the third time with Swedish designer Ann-Sofie Back. This past spring collection would be in my opinion the best of the best along side of the adored inimitable "whiskey and lace" Chaser tee and always supreme Cheap Monday wear.

The collection incorporates sweat shirt material in mushroom, charcoal and black that have been shredded and torn. The greatest part about this collection is the inspiration Anne-Sofie has used. She comments “I looked at traditional American stereotypes such as horror movies. The sequined tops, dresses and sweats are slashed by Freddy Kruger himself." Yessssss..... That alone surely does make these quite killer.

So of course... this collection enforces a cut-throat, edgy but casual vibe leaving you ready to pull the trigger.

Down to assassinate?

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