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Saturday, February 12, 2011

What He Should Know...

What would make me Happy this Valentines day?
Of course a new pair of shoes... is what I would say.
I would be delighted and flying high,
If he just bought me shoes, I wouldn't have to lie.
Jeffery Campbell's make my heart beat,
I don't want flowers, just them on my feet.
When I see them they light up my eyes,
I care more about them then him, he replies...
JC shoes are certainly intoxicating to me
They put me in a trans, relax me, like chamomile tea
It would only be appropriate to say
If he kept new arrivals on my feet, I would never fly away
Valentines Day red shoes would keep me captivated
If he would just understand... He would never be outdated.
You haven't heard dinner and candy get old? is what he should be told...
This is my poem for solestrucks second contest. :)

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  1. You have a fetish issue...

    Let me help