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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dip Into This. Discover Yourself.

I just read the article, "Self Branding and Men's Fashion" by Aaron Duarte and think you should too. This goes for you too ladies.... People today seem to loose themselves in materialism. Now is the time to start to find who are and cultivate.

What is Branding?
Brands are concepts and promises that a company makes to its intended audience
How Do You Brand Yourself?
Once we’ve accepted that we’re being stereotyped, it’s time to take control of the stereotype and use it to our advantage.
Step One: Decide Who You AreThe title of this section could just as easily be, “Figu re Out Who You Are.”
You can’t just magically decide you want to be charming, good-looking, and the life of the party. Your brand identity needs to be based on your real identity and what appeals to you.
Step Two: Put it All Together Write up everything you’ve compiled into a list and see what comes up consistently. Now start to edit.
It’s merely a matter of understanding who you are in the world, and then taking control of who you might want to be instead.
Step Three: Dress the Part Unfortunately, you are going to have to stereotype yourself.
Look for stylistic consistencies in your workplace or industry, then put your own spin on them with the information you’ve gathered about yourself.
Enlighten yourself.
Go bury yourself in it and take it the way want to.

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