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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Um... Yaaaaa

Spirit Hoods....I'm fuckin down like 4 flat tires.
Balance » Solitude » Strength

Panda Bears are great cuddlers! They are affectionate, simple and caring creatures often preferring solitude to an overly social life. People with the Panda Spirit are strong and unique creatures.

Passion » Community » Courage

The Lion is known as one of the most social cats. People with the Lion Spirit are caretakers of family and friends, often working in cooperation with each other. Lion’s enjoy a harmonious and peaceful existence, but will fight to the death to protect their tribe.

Loyal » Social » Teacher
Those with a wolf spirit are fiercely loyal creatures. They are team players and work well in groups. The wolf is a social animal and a great communicator, often teaching those around it.

Intelligent » Free Spirited » Leader
The Leopard Spirit is able to blend in to many different circumstances with ease. People with this spirit find comfort in many different social situations yet also appreciate being alone. Often territorial and protective the Leopard naturally commands respect, without needing to demand it.
Get educated.
Help me decided which one I should get.

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