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Thursday, May 20, 2010

We Need Humor

Humor Clothing: Not for everyone but I like their sweaters.
I ran in to a fella wearing these jeans and thought hmmmm... very interesting; very intriguing. I had asked him what they were and he had replied with a chuckle, "Humor". As we continued conversation, I learned more about this crisp fashion in the world. Later that day I got on my computer and did some research. I discovered more of these developing unique pieces and many were stricking my fancy. Anyone wearing Humor is certainly going to make a distinct statement.
Metropolitan style.
That's what I heard it was called, but to me, it goes beyond the metro man. Inspired by music, the style and nature of the Humor clothing is intense. When wearing Humor, I bet you will find that you are standing apart from any other which makes it the bomb.
It is exclusive, individual and peerless. Originating from the underground music culture, it is based on the disc jockey lifestyle and the beats of the Electronic music.
Be cultured, Be Cultivated.

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