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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Jus So You Know...

I roll with nothin but them pretty bitches,
witty bitches, them neva actin shitty bitches,

Fine bitches them always on ya mind bitches.
You got the money? u kno i got the time bitches.
slick bitches, them rich bitches, them who u callin bitch bitches,
them live bitches, Keepin u focused when u try to get that money bitches.

Neva actin fake bitches,
quick to put the foot up the ass of them outta place bitches.
Them pass the gat bitches, always got yo back bitches.
Classy bitches, sexy bitches when we sassy bitches.

Help u put it down bitches.
Them do it all bitches, keep u standing tall bitches.
Neat bitches, them presidential suite bitches.
Double team bitches.

Scandalous bitches u cant handle em bitches.
Them raw bitches, them hit u in ya jaw bitches,
them crazy bitches them neva lazy bitches,
them on the grind bitches, them money on yo mind bitches.

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