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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Its Barbie Bitch.

And now she struts Christian Louboutin's.
I want one. There is a box that contains heels that looks like the Louboutin that I have tattooed on myself. I thought I needed it, because it was clearly calling my name... but then came to realization that I would just end up trying to sell it on Craig's list like my boxed Public Enemy dolls... Any takers? (email me!)
Anyways, I would like a print of one of the ads pictured similar to the one below, they are super adorable and would look real dainty in my shoe room.

I luh, luh, love these dishy designs and the fact that Mr. Louboutin is Barbies "godfather" for a whole year is ill with such pleasing intention. Mmmhhmmmmm.

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