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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cassette Playa x Stussy Spring 2010

I hear "Gimme the doe" by Biggie, sipping on ice tea, sitting outside down town, sun shinning, minx nails in teal chrome, bracelets halfway to my elbow, hoop earrings that almost touch my shoulders, watching the boys play guitar and rapping across the street, thigh high boots with a tight tunic top, birds singing and Clint's purple hot rod is what this collection reminds me of.
I did retire my fanny pack last summer and even if Madsteeze were to personally give me one i would have to say no... but... I really dig the Stussy x Cassette Playa Spring Collection!
Carri Mundane from Cassette Playa brings such fun and vibrant pallettes to the table and Stussy is always the classic bomb ish. This spring collection for the ladies can be described in so many words but imma choose... eccentrically cracked and keenly vivid.
I cant wait till it drops.

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