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Monday, March 29, 2010

Double Check Yourself.

I just have to shell this out there... I'm a tattoo artist.
This is how I make my living.
People keep asking me to "hook it up."
Do I go to your place of work and ask you for a deal?
How am I suppose to put bread on the table if I cut a piece for everyone... I cant.
Don't misunderstand it.
Its not like I'm saying you have audacity to ask... but you had your chance.
There was a period of time, in fact a long period of time, when I was giving free tattoos. After that I was giving an amazing deal on tattoos... Well, your a day late and a dollar(s) short.
I'm not doing it anymore.
Stop asking.
Chances are we went to a school together... So what...I don't owe you.
Your an acquaintance... That's great. I still don't owe you.

N if you think I do... Kiss my Ass. You gotta lot of sucking up to do.

I love tattooing and especially love tattooing people I know!
But reality is... I work for someone. I gotta pay for all my supplies, my time, and throw out green to my boss. Then I gotta pay my bills, pay for gas and pay for the food on my table, ect, ect, ect.

Let me give you an example of how it goes

Rikki was a customer of Skully's:
He had asked her if she wanted a deal on a tattoo. She got tattooed by me for a great deal when I was first learning. She now is a great customer and pays for her tattoos. She also is so nice to leave a tip and keep coming back.
Rikki is a hair dresser:
I asked her to do my hair. I paid for her to do it; I tipped; she did a fantastic job; I will be coming back.
We both gotta eat.
Rikki you tha bomb, girl!
So come on in, get tattooed; Show me your skin, let me put some art on it.
I would love to draw something up and I would love to tattoo you.

I know this will always be a reoccuring breaker but just double check yourself before you ask for a deal.

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  1. rite on girlie!!! Well said :)