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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Disillusioned Winter

I usually love Winter. I love to see the snow on the ground, I love to see the crystals glistening on the tree branches. I love to see snowmen and Christmas lights.... But this winter isnt havin it.
If its not sub zero temperatures its raining. I'm done with winter. I wish it would surrender to the summer months.
You wake up early and its pitch black then a sudden change of grey occurs. If your lucky maybe the sun will come out in the afternoon but chances are very low.
As I was getting my pictures transferred over to my new phone I passed these one up. These were taking last summer. This is what I truly desire, its what I long and yearn for. ha! Bring summer back to me.
On the real note... I used to wake up and take the devils children(my dogs) on a walk and this is what I got to see almost every morning.

Bright and early, the first blush is a beautiful thing. If you wake up prematurely, this is what you get; If you sleep in, this is what you are missing out on.

The break of day:
Exquiste and Pulchritudinous.

Im waiting...

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