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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bitch on a Budget

Sunday Afternoon we drove to Barnes & Noble to do some book browsing and buying. I could spend all day and night in there if you dropped me off but sunday was a different case and we were out the door about an hour after we arrived. On my way walking out my eyes were burned by the glittering shine of this book. At first site it captured my concentration and I came to a sudden stop, reached out my hand, and picked up Bitches on a Budget.
I guess you could say the first word being "bitches" in bright red with an image of a locked up purse printed on the cover is what caught my attention. As my hands were grasp on the front and back of this book, my thumb brushed against the pages starting in the beginning, leading me the the middle.
Funny thing is I stopped on this page which said Online Shopping is the devil. Tooo fuckin funny. I love online shopping more than brandy old fashions. The book hooked me up with a couple more sites and then I browsed on.

The run-through I had with this book was quite intriguing and I decided to find more online.
"Bitches need to eat" if you cant buy this book, go to your local library.
Educate a bitch.

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