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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Put Yo Purse Up On it...

Reebok “Year of the Tiger” Pump Omni Lite

Oweeee.. I'll put my purse up on it that these sneakers go hard in 2010, year of the Tiger. Available at mita sneakers, getcha hands on em like White on Rice...

"Reebok kicks will soon again be popular among ballers all over the world." -Chris Bibey(

That being said, let me school you through a little history lesson:
The year of 1989 is when the Reebok "pump" was first born. Specifically designed for basketball, the sneaker was sold for 170 bones which doubled the price of a regular shoe. Within 4 years over 20 million pairs were sold and we can put a big thank you out there too Dee Brown.

Im pretty sure I'm right to say he left a remarkable impact in your dead-eye. If not, let me refresh your memory: Dee Brown, Boston Celtics, 1991, All Star weekend, Slam Dunk Contest. Brown rocking those black, white, and orange Pumps...Before Brown's final dunk, he leaned over and pumped up his Reebok's. He put the icing on the cake, as he covered his eyes with his arms and threw down just killin it in the contest. After that shot he bent forward and deflated his pumps...Bitchinnnnnn!

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