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Monday, December 14, 2009

New Year Resolutions are like the Grinch Stealing Christmas

This New Years Eve I'm sure that most of you cats are going consume a taste of a divine alcoholic beverage. Whether sitting around the fire or going out dancing, eating crab legs or popping bottles, we all know that the first of the year is the day to a fresh start. New Years Resolutions are like the Grinch stealing Christmas.
So... Before you throw your last cocktail in the kitchen sink and watch the liquor spiral down the drain get hold of No. Ten Gin. Yes! In sigh of relief, you did... You heard right. Tanqueray teamed up with one of my favorite fashion designers Jeremy Scott. They are bringing you this elegant collaboration, No. Ten Gin is dressed up and beautifully packaged. This box is not a burden but instead a classy olive and martini glass print package putting a permanent smile on your face till the bottles gone.

Another "said but not done" New Years Resolution : Stop buying so many shoes.
Once again, Jeremy Scott is killin it by bringing us another amazing collaboration. This time teaming up with Swarovski making these kicks my favorite version of his Adidas Originals; J-Wings Sneakers. To all gentleman callers and cavalier swains, these one of a kind soles that you are too afraid to wear... are only sold in 11's.
Both of the above items are available at Getemmm.

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