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Friday, October 2, 2009

Last Weekend: Country Ass Bumpkins

Sunday evening I had returned from West Virginia where I had been flown out to do some wedding photography.

Although the trees were dipped in beautiful autumn colors and the moonshine was flowin, WV creeps me out.

  • I stayed in a motel that looked like the one in "The House on the Left."
  • A woman had entered my room at 1am on Saturday where I had woken up to her standing in the middle of my room with her creepy stare. She then proceeded to run into my bathroom and slam the door which was closed for about 5 minutes. Heart beating, I sat up and was trying to think of what to do. Do I run out? Do I ask what she is doing in my room? I was sick to my stomach and could barely move. Not much longer, she ran out of the bathroom into the hallway leaving my lights on and my door wide open.
  • Scary.
  • The town where I had stayed had no sidewalks and park their cars on their lawns.
  • There were many broken down haunted houses.
  • I saw not one bit of sunlight in that town this weekend.
  • It seemed as though they had many stray dogs.
  • The restaurant I had ate at on Friday night had very good service but didn't know how to make a brandy old fashion, a vodka gimlet, a amaretto stone sour, or any of the other nice drinks you would like to enjoy on your weekend out of town.
  • I felt like it was a ghost town.

The cool thing was that many, not all, but many people still live in the 80's with light blue scrunchy socks and hair with12 inch raised bangs and three pony tail holders down the back for an updo that goes for days. The ladies and fellas for the most part were polite and welcoming. I did spend my mornings at a coffee shop called hypno-cafe were the coffee was hot and fresh and the lattes were delicious. Despite the gloomy weather, the 20 person party and the Bride and Groom were beautiful country people filled with great hospitality.
Davis, West Virginia: Where you do not belong unless you grew up in that town...Home of Hicks, Hillbilly's and Hippies. : )


  1. I thought you like the 80's. I wonder if they wear fanny packs there.

  2. I was born in west va and raised there then moved to Oconomowoc for h.s. WV is a state that is unlike anyother. The culture there is so different and out there you cant really see it unless you grew up there. Its very hickish, for lack of a better word. and more like the house on the left than you would imagine.