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Monday, October 5, 2009

Last night I missed out on homemade sweet potato pie, stew and chicken curry.

Ive never had sweet potato pie before but I love candied yams and Im assuming... they may be similar? Is this what sweet potato pie looks like?

Because sweet potatoes are good for you, the pie part cancels out... meaning...I can eat a whole pie? Right? Last time George came back from the market with a shoo fly pie and Nancy and him at it all. (If I blame them it will make me feel better about myself )
All this scrumptious talk made me real hungry. The other day I had a carmel apple, a snickers bar, and rice pudding all before 7am. Today it was a pumpkin scone and apple pie. Fall is great for some great comfort food.
Although this is going to be week one of defoodie-ing, not counthing this morning, George and Rachel will not have left overs much longer...

1 comment:

  1. Wonder if we have any pumpkin pie left, not as great as the homemade sweet potato pie but something to feed the Shugar Monster for now....