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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Stole $100 from Stephen Dorff.

In response to Kool Fool ...
Please press pause on my bear Suri in the upper right hand corner and then continue to thoroughly read and watch the videos posted.
Long Story Short.
Stephen Dorff makes me sick to say the least. Haha for real.

Yeah, hes fun to party with for the first 20 minutes but then whoah, Stephen doesn't get his way, beware!
For this is really what you will see.. I did and I was scared.
He is filled with so much hostility and anger and needs to seek some serious therapy for his inadequate and deplorable behavior.

He expects people to kiss his shoes like hes some kind of king, good for nothing wasted space fool that likes to have his cake and eat it too.
After his pitiful temper tantrums, you may get the chance to hear this pathetic child struggle for a comeback... I did and I was scared.

Amusing, Right?
He scared me not once but twice...
But, my friends sure did get a kick out of Stephen Dorffs number and got the chance to relive their youth enjoying prank phone calls.
Funny shit.
Yes, I stole his bus fare.


  1. You love him, don't you?

  2. What is up with the fish lips?

  3. Ahh, memories. Does it make you feel less special to know you aren't the only woman he's threatened?

  4. i dont know if the word special an stephen dorff can go together in any way.