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Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Know You Hear It, but... Can You Feel It?

I remember the first time I put these on my ears. It was a year ago in fact, I was in the apple store in the mall. I went there to replace my laptop charger and got a little sidetracked. There they were... the Monster Beats by Dr. Dre, sitting on the table with a sample ipod. My eyes were drawn straight in and I picked them up. As they comfortably gripped my ears, I grabbed the ipod and started browsing through songs. The sound was incredible, it's high-definition was crisp and clear. Standing alone in the store, I shut my eyes and felt the music. 5 minutes later, the sales clerk was tapping on my shoulder asking if I needed any help. I just smiled and replied, " No thank you, this is all I need." I walked up to the check-out line and was about to purchase these bad boys when I then got a glance of the price. $350.00.... REALLY? I thought to myself I better go home and do my research. I left the Apple store empty handed even forgetting my charger... Real Nice.
The reviews other people have on Beats by Dre are 50/50. Majority state that they are good headphones but not fair enough for the price. It has been a year and the price has dropped 100 bones at most places. Think its worth it now!?

Oh but wait....
Lady Gaga came out with Heart Beats! A fashionista sista with the same high-quality sound... hmm... This may be my shit.


  1. yeah, you pay big $ then you lose it.

  2. money is well worth it, the sound that comes out of those things are fucking unnatural

  3. Have had the in-ear beats for a year. Pure! well worth the $