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Monday, September 21, 2009

Taste Senstations - I dont play

Upon leaving the hotel for Bills Memorial, George and Rachel insist that I take home the rest of the sour cream and raisin pie along with some cranberry walnut bread they had bought. They had purchased these goods at the farmers market in Madison which makes it extra top notch!

At first I declined... considering, that I already ruined my Saturdays goal of no sugar and realize that I have to begin again tomorrow. And... lets be real, there is no way I could resist temptation if the sweets were in front of me the rest of the night. When it comes down to it, lets say Saturday was an exception to the no sugar due to the day of celebration for Bill's life. Anyway, I took the pie home... I tell ya, I did really good not even embracing one taste.
Sunday I woke up early, took the dogs on a stroll, witnessed the sun rise and was in the car in route to Oshkosh by 6:45am. When I arrived in Oshkosh two hours later, breakfast seemed equivalent to a very, very, good supposition. We went to Beckets where they have a lovely Sunday brunch buffet. I like that restaurant because it is contemporary, it has has dazzling light fixtures, cold but cool furniture, art hanging on the walls, and the people are friendly. Besides the commendable atmosphere, the brunch is pretty damn tasty.

As I begin, I look at the chap preparing omelets... "nahhhh," I thought to myself, "I crave something fresh." So I pick up my plate head strait towards the fruit. The Watermelon and pineapple were looking scrumptious so I used the tongs to select some fruit and then proceed to continue down the line. ---I could not make up my mind; I really did not know what else I was in the mood for. --- As I make it to the end of the buffet table my eyes were led strait to the desserts. I filled up the rest of my plate with a seven layer bar and a decadent brownie. I don't mess around. All day no play.

Day one today.

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