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Friday, September 4, 2009

Corner Perplixity and Affliction

BEFORE READING: Press the pause button on my bear Suri in the upper right corner, then press the play button on the video. After that is done, you may proceed to read.

Its about 20 after 3 in the afternoon. I just got home from work  where I was  busting ass since 5 am. I go to one of my other jobs in less than an hour. Last night was a long night; I had tossed and turned and I was awake on the hour of every hour... till 4am.
As I walked in the door after returning from work, I kicked off the sneaks and closed my eyes. As my head was slowly sinking into the pillow, I turned it on. With the feeling of relaxation, trying to let go of my characters distress, my music starts to play. I hear Kooley High.
This is love.

Thank you.

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