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Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Ugly Truth

Last night my friend Annie was in town which was very exciting! So...we decided it would be a good idea to go see the movie "The Ugly Truth." While I got into my sweats, Annie made some fabulous popcorn over the stove which we brought into the movie along with her Sugar Spree Soda Sugar Cane. Mmmm. What a movie; it was over the top, I laughed a lot, and Gerard Butler is not bad to look at.

Gerard Butler... Mr. Butler. I thought he was a good piece of eye candy since I had seen the movie "RocknRolla." Consecutively, I would watch this movie due to the attraction of all the wonderful men in it. There is a man for every type of personality and I was really diggin Mr. Butler's Character along with his rugged and sexy gay friend Handsome Bob (Tom Hardy, who is British).

To carry on, Annie and I were talking about Mr. Butler's accent after the movie. Apparently, he had a speech coach and had to work very hard. Now in the movie, " The Ugly Truth," sometimes you would think to yourself, "Is he American or British?"or " Is he English or Irish?." Why cant we tell the difference between these accents? (As Annie and I laughed)

For all those that were wondering, I googled Gerard Butler. This man is Scottish! Born in Paisley, Scotland, he spent some of his youth in Canada, he is 6"2' and is 40 yrs of age. Listen to Tom Hardy and Gerard Butler and tell me if you can tell the difference between there accents!

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